The project

Happy Creation

Just like a coin, the city life has two sides. One is the chaotic routine that everyone follows, and the other is the calm, peaceful side that everyone wants to live more and more every day. This other side is what we all dream about every day. And everything we do is to make this other side, better for us and our loved ones. Here’s an invitation to live this other side of life, which we call the happy side of life.

Welcome to Palm Springs at Wakad.

Palm Springs at Wakad is a residential landmark by Divine Ventures & Lanke Birje Associates that brings alive this happy side of life. An address of 1 and 2 BHK Homes, it brings together the best of indoor living, amenity spaces, community and connectivity to make happiness your daily companion. Just like the joy of spring season, it builds a refreshing world for you amidst urban chaos.

1&2 BHK Homes
3 acre project area
550+ Cosmopolitan families
30+ Lifestyle amenities
360o connectivity with Wakad